Comprehensive Family Dentistry: Dentures

Understanding Dentures and Dental Implants

  • My lower denture is constantly loose.
  • Can dental implants help?
  • Can I be too old for implants?

Dentures have the pesky  propensity  to shift out of place or otherwise be loose.  Dental  implants are often a great fix, allowing the dentures something to anchor to. However, some of our older patients worry that they may be too old for the surgery involved.

The non-invasive nature of the procedure means that age does not usually serve as a barring factor. However, due to the use of multiple  anesthesia’s, and the fact that surgery is, after all required, some individual’s with particular medical conditions may be recommended away from getting implants.  Fortunately, the surgery required by family dentistry for implants is relatively painless. Most of the time, patients report little to no complications, and are well off after the initial healing process is over. Additionally, modifications are made to existing dentures to ensure  functionality  continues even during the healing process.