Cosmetic Services

cosmetic-overviewWith the popularity of television shows such as Extreme Makeovers, the cosmetic aspect of comprehensive family dentistry has gained much of the spotlight over the past few years. Patients have the opportunity to not only seek a dentist for their “needs” on an ongoing basis, but they now seek a dentist for the “wants” they have always wished could be addressed. This is where the science and art of dentistry come together. Patients no longer have to accept living with discolored, misshapen, or missing teeth.  Falmouth Dental Associates offers the latest in cosmetic services, such as whitening, porcelain veneers, bonding, tooth colored fillings, porcelain crowns, Invisalign orthodontic care and implants. These services can help build the smile you and your family dream of and make a very positive change in self- confidence.

Preventative Care


This is the single most important level of care in comprehensive family dentistry that all patients must seek. Recent medical research continues to indicate that dental health can have a positive, or negative, impact on general health. Preventative dentistry includes thorough dental cleanings, updating yearly x-rays, and having a periodic or comprehensive examination. Healthy gums are the foundation of your long term dental health, and prevention is the key. During your health maintenance visits, your hygienist will remove bacterial biofilm (plaque), calculus (tartar) and stain from teeth. Fluoride treatment, both for children and adults, will be provided when indicated. Your hygienist will monitor your home care and help you by suggesting improvements, both supplies and techniques, which can make major improvements in you and your family’s oral health. With all of the correlations between systemic disease and oral health, it is clear that this level of care is vital.

Restorative Care


This is the type of care that most people associate with comprehensive family dentistry. These services may range from simple and common treatments such as fillings, crowns and dentures to complex reconstructive treatment that may include extensive bridgework, dental implants and associated specialty care. Our outstanding clinicians will perform these services when required and bring in our in-house specialists when appropriate to complement you or your family’s treatment.

Specialty Care

specialty-overviewWhen your oral health has been compromised to a point that requires additional or advanced services, your restorative dentist may refer you to a specialist. We have specialists in the field of periodontics, endodontics and pediatric dentistry available for you in order to make this level of care as accessible as possible. In fact, our clinicians can walk up the hall to consult with our specialists and ensure the diagnosis and treatment plan are comprehensive and addresses all needs. All of this can happen quickly with our team approach to comprehensive family dentistry. Some of these services include periodontal surgery, dental implants, and root canal procedures. We also offer a pediatric specialist to ensure your child begins their oral health regimen early and on a positive note!