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Comprehensive Family Dentistry: Getting your Teeth Cleaned

How frequently should I have my teeth cleaned? Fighting off Cavities and Gum Disease It’s generally recommended that you get a dental cleaning at least once every 6 months. This way you can ensure that no cavities or gum diseases develop between your dental appointments. Keep in mind, however, that good family dentistry isn’t just about averages, it’s about your individual needs.
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Comprehensive Family Dentistry: Are x-rays safe?

X-Rays: Not so Scary Anymore A big fear patients have in regard to family dentistry is radiation exposure from x-rays. While we understand  concerns over radiation, we wanted to clear the air about them. Nowadays, radiation from x-rays at your local dentist’s office has been greatly reduced from previous decades; in fact, family dentistry has
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Comprehensive Family Dentistry: Dentures

Understanding Dentures and Dental Implants My lower denture is constantly loose. Can dental implants help? Can I be too old for implants? Dentures have the pesky  propensity  to shift out of place or otherwise be loose.  Dental  implants are often a great fix, allowing the dentures something to anchor to. However, some of our older
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